Secured Entry Control

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Secured Entry Control

Transcript Of Secured Entry Control

Secured Entry Control

SU5000 Optical Turnstiles (p.2-3)

SU3000 Optical Turnstiles (p.4)

MSG Security Gates (p.11)

MST Full Height Turnstiles (p.6)

“When it comes to security, don’t compromise on quality.”
No one knows turnstiles and gates like Alvarado. We’ve been designing and manufacturing turnstiles for lobbies and perimeter applications since 1956. In that time, our blueprint for success has remained simple and unchanged, which is to offer high quality products that provide years of trouble-free service.
We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in designing a safe and reliable physical security system. Our knowledgeable personnel are ready to assist our customers to find the best product for their entrance security needs. We understand customers may not deal with our products often, so our staff routinely assists with operational questions, product selection, plan review and on-site job walks.
Architects and specifiers choose Alvarado because we are the actual manufacturer of a wide selection of products that look great and work flawlessly. We have readily accessible CAD files and specifications and our products can be customized to blend with installation environments.
Integrators and dealers choose Alvarado because we’re a good partner with easy to install products. Our sales and technical support teams meet tight deadlines while providing responsible and knowledgeable service.
End users love our long history of expertise and business longevity along with our commitment to customer service. We’re here today, and we’ll be here tomorrow.
Alvarado optical turnstiles provide secure bi-directional entry control while blending beautifully with high-end environments. Optical turnstiles increase facility security, organize the entry process and reduce the staff required to monitor facility access. Our optical turnstiles combine integrated sensors and motorized barriers to control access and detect non-credentialed entries. All models integrate with access control systems and are available in ADA compliant widths. Graphics, sounds, lights and alerts are intuitive for users and staff.
SU5000 Optical Turnstile with Barrier Panels
The beautiful SU5000 is the thinnest motorized barrier optical turnstile available. Cabinets are only 3.8” wide, even when providing ADA passage widths. The SU5000 provides highly effective access control and extremely fast throughput rates. Upon activation, the moving barriers open away from the user. Panel movement is quick, precise and quiet.

SU5000 Aesthetic Options
A number of aesthetic options are available with the SU5000: • Corporate logos etched on side and barrier panels • Static or dynamic LED illumination of side panels • Custom lid materials • Alternative finishes
SU5000 Barrier Height Options
Barrier panels for the SU5000 are available in low, mid and full heights, as well as 28” and 36” passage widths.


Low Height

Mid Height

Full Height

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SU3000 Optical Turnstile with Barrier Arms
The SU3000 has motorized barrier arms that quickly move down and into the cabinet. Its slim profile and stylish architectural design enhance any access control installation.
SU3500 Optical Turnstile with Barrier Wings
The SU3500 has stylish, clear motorized barrier wings that retract into the cabinet, providing high throughput rates in either direction. Both 22” and 36” (ADA) passage widths are available.

SU2000 Barrier Free Optical Turnstile
The SU2000 barrier free turnstile’s compact form is well suited for applications where space is at a premium.


GateKeeper is the real-time configuration and monitoring software solution for Alvarado optical turnstiles. GateKeeper provides a virtual control panel, allowing control of day-today operating functions. It also includes a built-in scheduling application that allows operational changes to be scheduled and automatically implemented at user defined times.
Key Features
• TCP/IP communication • Immediate visibility of alarm conditions • Automated configuration changes/event management • Database log of all turnstile activity • PC-based software can run on desktops or laptops and can
be accessed by tablets

For more information or to order, call +1 909-591-8431 or visit us online at

Full height turnstiles from Alvarado secure sensitive and restricted areas and provide entry control for all kinds of applications. Turnstiles do what a gate or door cannot; provide directional control of each passage and limit access to one person per activation. Turnstiles do not sleep, take breaks, play favorites or require a paycheck. They simply provide a secure, unmanned point of entry that significantly increases facility security. All full height turnstiles feature Alvarado’s revolutionary speed control that adjusts to the pushing force of the user. This ensures a safe, controlled, rotation with automatic centering for improved security. Electrically controlled models integrate easily with nearly any access control system. Most models are available in galvanized, powder coat, powder coat over galvanized and stainless steel finishes.
The MST is the most trusted, secure and reliable full height turnstile available. The turnstile arms are welded, not bolted together, eliminating visible bolts and fasteners and increasing stability. The MST is installed in thousands of locations throughout the world. Tandem units are also available.
Tandem Turnstiles
Tandem full height turnstiles provide directional control in areas that need two full height turnstiles, but require a smaller installation footprint. Our tandem turnstiles use 30% less space than two individual turnstiles. Models available as tandem include: MST, CLST & CPST (MSTT pictured at right).

The CLST combines a fully welded rotating section with a clear side panel. The clear side panel improves visual sight lines and provides greater aesthetics. Tandem units are also available.
The CPST is our most stylish full height turnstile. Highly secure, the CPST’s clear arms and side panel provide a less industrial look than a traditional allmetal turnstile. Tandem units are also available.
The FMST is a four arm, full height turnstile. Four arm turnstiles have a smaller patron passage area, making it more difficult to piggyback in access control applications.

The MST47 is the extended arm version of our trusted and reliable full height MST. Its 47” arms provide a substantially wider passage area.

For more information or to order, call +1 909-591-8431 or visit us online at

Waist high turnstiles from Alvarado provide safe, reliable, bi-directional access control. All of our turnstiles are designed for years of smooth, trouble-free operation and are available in manual and electrically controlled models. Our waist high turnstiles feature hydraulically dampened arm rotation with automatic self-centering. All models ship fully assembled for quick and easy installation. Turnstiles are available in a stainless steel or powder coat finish. Electrically controlled models work with nearly any access control system.
Alvarado’s EDC is the perfect choice for both security and pedestrian counting applications. The EDC’s attractive design enhances any facility. Unlike competitor models that may have dozens of fasteners visible on the cabinet and around the turnstile head, EDC fasteners and anchoring hardware are completely hidden. Even the head and arms of our turnstile attach internally. The EDC is designed for years of trouble-free operation and includes more standard features than competitors. Extended length models are also available.
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