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SHOTBOX Testimonial Quotes

Transcript Of SHOTBOX Testimonial Quotes

SHOTBOX Testimonial Quotes
I have been meaning to buy a light box or tent for years. I am not only a family historian who has scanned more than 10,000 photos and documents, but I am an eBay seller. I have needed a light box or light tent for taking photos of Olympic pins, jewelry, coins, small pvc toys and figurines etc. Scanning metal pins and other items such as tintype photos left a small scratch on my expensive Epson scanner. I also wanted to take photos of things like my dad's WWII medal to share with other family members.
I kept procrastinating on buying the photo tents since none of them looked like they would work that great for all of my different needs. I love that this also works for oversize photos or scrapbook pages since we all have oversize items. I had to leave Rootstech early due to family problems and did not make it back to look all the way through the expo hall.
Let me know when and how you need payment since I do want to buy the product and look forward to getting it as soon as it is available. __________________
Shot Box sold me within 2 minutes of seeing what you had on display at BYBC. It sold the two team members that attended with me, in fact, they pulled me from one table to come to yours and see your display. Your product FILLS A NEED in my industry.
I feel very confident that Shot Box will be a HIT at our conference. Here is why… ● Our team of 13 mentors have blogs in these niches: homeschooling, kid's activities, recipes, photography, preschool and parenting. We have collective reach of over 15 million page views and nearly 9 million unique visitors MONTHLY, not to mention having a large collective present on social media, where our colleges will be following us, increasing your reach beyond our conference attendees and readers. ● Our attendees have blogs in these niches and a few more, as well. Their numbers are not included in the above numbers, but I will tell you that they are coming to learn how to do what we do… BETTER. They are invested in their success and have trusted Focused to get them there. ● When I saw Shot Box, not only did I see it as a solution to our photography needs, which is the MOST important aspect of our blogging today, but I also saw it as a tool for moms, just in their own life of capturing important things for their children, especially with homeschooling or those doing the kids activities with their children.
Having a great product is what you have already, well, once the production is completed, but marketing is what will make your product a success. __________________
I spoke with your group at the BYBC in SLC a couple of weeks ago. I am a blogger, photographer, and blog designer.

I'm beginning a new feature in my blog for tips and tricks to photograph in your home for bloggers. I'm also reviewing items with my family for great tools to use when photographing or recording everyday things.
I am impressed with your product and would love to use it for a product demonstration and review it. I have experience with Etsy and blogging and would love to demonstrate your product being used to photograph various items. I have some creative ideas to incorporate ShotBox for photography needs. __________________
I actually have a suggestion for another market you could pursue (which I'm sure you have thought of). I purchase lots of collectibles on ebay (i.e., baseball cards, comic books, etc.) and this would be a perfect tool for high volume sellers who don't want to have to scan everything but need high-resolution images of items. This may be a segment you could market to directly.
Please do keep me on the short list when you get to your development phase. I'm sure you are already planning an app that you can take the pictures in that will separate photos when you take more than one photo and auto-save to the cloud. We'd be happy to help you with this app when the time comes. __________________
It was nice talking to you at both the BYBC and ABC Conferences. I am still loving the Shotbox!
In fact I love it so much I have found myself at various times since then talking with friends, family and on FB about solutions to kids artwork and the piles of old pictures. Each time I felt the Shotbox was their solution. The best thing they love is that it collapses when not in use.
Today I was talking with extended family members on FB which made me want to send you an email. I want to share when the Shotbox will be available to purchase or any other new details I can share besides sending them to your video.
Thanks for creating a great product and introducing it to me! __________________
I am so happy that we connected about the Shotbox, I know it is going to be really useful for everyone!! We talked at BYBC about doing a product review for the Shotbox. Please get back to me at [email protected] so that we can work something out :-) I know that my brand will be a PERFECT fit for yours. ____________________

I’m pleading on my wife’s behalf. We’re in the midst of compiling a family history book that needs to go to press by end of April. The formatting is being done now, and we’re frantically trying to assemble and put this project together.
Is there a way we could buy a demo, or floor model – it doesn’t matter if It’s scuffed up … Even a prior prototype would be fine for now… We’re looking for a solution as soon as possible. As you may guess, this would relieve some stress on this project deadline. ___________________
I stopped by your booth at BYBC in February and talked to you at the ABC Conference a couple weeks ago. Super excited to help you guys out by promoting and getting the word spread on my blog and social media accounts. Just wanted to make sure I was on your list of bloggers in case you misplaced my business card or something :) ____________________ I've seen your product 3 times now, and just think its awesome! :)
I saw it at Roots Tech, Build Your Blog, as well as this past weekend at The Affiliate Conference. It is such a great idea! I've been recently complaining to my husband that I need a light box, since I recently got a DSLR.
I would love to do a review & help get your product out there for you. I Love telling people about new products & products that I love. I'd love to be on your list for when it's available! _____________________
I loved your product at the 2015 BYBC in Salt Lake City. I made my own light box and posted a ​tutorial on my site​back in January of 2013. Despite the fact that my site was still new and didn't have a very big reach, the post did very well (90+ comments and almost 1300 pins). I think the real explanation for the success is simply that people are looking for a way to take great pictures.
There are a couple of problems with my light box. 1) It's bulky and hard to store, and 2) when using the light box I still have to edit photos quite a bit in order to get rid of shadows. Your shot box solves both of my problems with its compact design and ingenious lighting. I know people are going to love your product! (I sure do!)
In addition to the potential for taking great photos for blogging, I'm excited to take photos of my wedding album and other scrapbooks that are too large for my scanner. I love your side shot arm, too. It's like a tripod for a phone. Genius.
Since writing my light box post, my blog reach has grown considerably. In the last 90 days, my blog has had 371,913 unique visitors and 2,733,795 page views. The majority of my readers are women age 24-44, but I also have quite a few readers in the 45-64 age category.

I would love to share your product with my readers when you are ready to start working with bloggers. I look forward to hearing from you! __________________
Our entire team is excited about the possibility of your team joining us at our conference in August. Attached you will find information on ways to participate. It would be delightful to have ShotBox there. What a remarkable product. Also attached is our impressive lineup of speakers. __________________
I was hoping to be able to review your product, I am really excited to consolidate all of my foam board backdrops because with your product all I need is a sheet of scrapbook paper and I have 1000s of backdrop options. I am also working on a project for my mother in law with documenting her father's journal. He told great stories but now has dementia. All we have left is this journal and I know typing it up is one way to share it with the whole family but after watching your video I think taking pictures of it and getting it printed would be more memorable. His children and grandchildren would have his handwriting preserved as well. And not to mention how much time it would save me!! __________________
I just wanted to know when you will be sending shotbox to the bloggers? I was at the BYOB conference and sign up on your list. I would like to start using it soon. __________________
My husband and I are over a 6 stake family history fair next weekend (13-14​th​) We saw your shotbox at RootsTech. We have an area at our fair that we scan and upload photos to ​​ .
I realize that we haven’t yet received the e-mail telling us that the boxes are available. We would love to use/show a shotbox at our fair. Is there a way we can show/use one of your shotboxes for our fair next week? ___________________
My name is Brooke Roundy from the blog Gluten Free Anonymous. We are a gluten free lifestyle blog. Our topics include recipes, beauty, product reviews and real life experiences dealing with Celiac and Gluten Intolerance.
We met with one of your representatives at the "speed dating" segment at Build Your Blog Conference this past weekend. We were extremely impressed by your product and thought of all the ways we could use it for our blog as we take pictures of recipes and products. We would love to try it out and if we liked it we would be more than willing to tag you in every post we use your product to take our pics!
Let me know if you would like to work together! Thank you for your time! __________________

Hi, my name is Melissa I met you at build your own blog conference. I loved learning about your shot box product and was wondering if you had any review opportunities available. I loved how it could step up blog photos and I would love to review and share with my readers. Please let me know if you have opportunities available. _________________
I saw your booth at Roots Tech this week and I'd like more information as well as the Roots Tech promotions. I think a shotbox is exactly what I need to easily preserve our family memories. __________________
We met at RootsTech (I know, you probably met a MILLION people!). I'm tami, with WikiChicks Genealogy News Network (the large blonde gal, wearing the bright orange WikiTree shirt). WikiChicks share info with our many, many, genealogy friends about great stuff they need to know about in the genea-verse. I'm giving a presentation in the virtual world, SecondLife, tomorrow night at the Association of Professional Genealogists meeting there, about a few cool things that I discovered at RootsTech this year, and OF COURSE ShotBox is tops on my list. In fact, as I went about preparing to take pictures of a lot of the handouts and items I picked up at RootsTech, I was sure wishing I had one right now! I really really loved the concept of the product, and after reading your website on how you plan to have them made, I love it even more. __________________
shotbox... can't wait to hear more about when your product is ready to sell! great idea. do you have a facebook page i can share with my friends? __________________
It was a delight meeting both you and Noah and once I actually saw the ShotBox at the exhibits I was blown away! What a great concept! __________________
I stopped by your booth at BYBC in February and talked to you at the ABC Conference a couple weeks ago. Super excited to help you guys out by promoting and getting the word spread on my blog and social media accounts. Just wanted to make sure I was on your list of bloggers in case you misplaced my business card or something :) __________________
I just wanted to check in and see how your project is doing? Are the Shotboxes on kickstarter yet? I am still interested in reviewing them for you. It's a very exciting product! __________________
That is amazing! I love the idea of an index at the back. Maybe even titling some of his stories and saying what page they are on. Have you printed it for your family or shared the file? I'm really excited to share this with them. Now for my side of the family if I could only get my hands on my grandma's recipes!

I'm really excited to work with you and Shotbox! Great work! __________________
One of the innovative products that caught my eye at RootsTech was the light box made by​​. Of course, since I have scanned and photographed perhaps a 200,000 or so documents and photos, I am interested in speed and quality. If you have looked at a product add and wondered how they got the flat light effect with no shadows, you have been seeing the results of a light box. I have considered making one myself, but have had a difficult time eliminating shadows and bright spots.
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