Your Personal Love and Relating Report Love, Relating

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Your Personal Love and Relating Report Love, Relating

Transcript Of Your Personal Love and Relating Report Love, Relating

Your Personal Love and Relating Report
Love, Relating, Sensuality, Sexual Chemistry
For: Ben Example Friend Date of birth: 27th November 1969 at 10:30 PM Place of birth: London
The way that you approach relationships and the kind of qualities that you should look for in a partner is described in this report.
Just as there is more to you than just your Sun sign, there can be many reasons why someone is on your wavelength. To discover who you are in tune with, and why, the Soul Mate Report describes not only your Sun sign, but your Moon sign, your Venus sign and your Mars sign as well. All these different aspects of your nature contribute to the unique individual that is you, and show why you may get different things from different people.
While your Sun sign shows your conscious personality and who you get on with when it comes to basic traits of character, your Moon sign shows another, far more hidden aspect of your nature - your unconscious instincts and emotions. The way that you relate to others when it comes to passion and romance, and the people you are drawn to and are naturally in tune with on a sexual level, are shown by your Mars and Venus signs. The four elements - fire, earth, air and water - also play an important role in who you are in tune with.
So if you find someone attractive, even though their Sun is not in tune with yours, other links between your Moon or Mars signs, for example, could turn out to be the explanation. So concentrate on the type of person someone is, not just on their Sun sign.
The Sun
Your zodiac Sun sign describes your basic character and orientation, your will, your goals and purpose in life. Your Sun also represents your conscious self, and links between your Sun and someone else’s Sun or planets, show a natural affinity between you, as people. Emotional, romantic and sexual affinities are shown by your Moon, Venus and Mars signs.
Sun in Sagittarius
With your Sun in Sagittarius, you are always looking for adventure and you soon grow restless if you are deprived of new horizons, without which you do not feel alive and happy. However, when it comes to love, you are a great romantic, as you seek a union that can verge on the divine. Like all the fire signs, you run the risk of seeing those whom you are drawn to through rose-tinted glasses, and you like to dream big dreams. Which means that, at times, you can be disappointed when the object of your latest passion turns out to have feet of clay. You are not looking for someone to sit quietly by the fire with, but for a comrade in adventure, with whom you can explore the wilder shores of love, as well as distant and exotic lands.

As opposites attract, it can be those with the Sun or other planets in Gemini, your opposing sign, that your Sun is most in tune with. This is an extremely lively and adventurous combination. You can recognize the Gemini type by their endless curiosity and wit and sparkle. Where they notice every minor detail, you see the wider picture and can help them to develop their ideals and pursue their real, long-term goals. Their wit, sharp mind and interest in whatever comes along, helps you to be less earnest and to live more fully in the here and now, instead of in your own imagination and the future, which all fire signs tend to do.
With the Sun in Sagittarius, you will also be on the same wavelength as those with Sun or planets in Sagittarius, or the other fire signs, Aries and Leo. Like you, these people are both adventurous and forward-looking in their attitude towards both life and love, and always on the go, looking for fresh peaks to climb and lands to conquer. You share many passions and ideals with them, and you can be sure that they won't try to fence you in or cramp your style! However, because fire is so volatile, and, at times, explosive, tempers can flare up and you can also leave the dull realities of everyday a bit too far behind you.
The Moon
While the Sun shows your conscious personality and sense of self, the Moon reveals your more feminine, unconscious side, your instincts, your emotions and your past. In a woman’s chart it also shows her particular type of feminity and her ability to give, and to receive, real nurturing and caring. In a man’s chart, it reveals his feminine side, of which he may be less aware, as well as the kind of woman he feels drawn to and can care for on a true emotional level.
Moon in Cancer
With the Moon in Cancer, its own sign, and so at its most powerful, you are deeply sensitive about emotional issues. In fact, you feel so much that, at times, you can be overwhelmed by your emotions and your moods can change just like the ocean tides that both the Moon and Cancer rule, and without warning. Which means that is hard for you to be objective, and you tend to judge the world around you with your intuition, not your reason and to hide your vulnerable emotions under a tough shell. Family life is all important to you, and your gift for nurturing and protecting others and providing a safe space in which they can unfold their true potential, is unrivalled.
A woman with the Moon in Cancer is naturally in tune with men who share her intuitive, emotional, water sign orientation and who have similar priorities, emotions and desires to hers. These men may have the Sun in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, or may just exhibit all the water sign traits, as they have other planets in these signs. They are sensitive, emotional and with enormous depths of feeling, but, as opposites attract, a woman with the Moon here is often drawn to earthy Capricorn types, as Capricorn is Cancer's opposing sign. Where you live in a private world of intuition and emotion, they have got their feet on solid ground. This can be a perfect match, as Capricorn can offer you the real security you crave for and help you to gain a more detached approach to your emotions. In turn, the Moon in Cancer brings real sensitivity and caring into Capricorn's ambitious, realistic world.
A man's Moon sign is one of the two most important indicators of the kind of women with whom he feels in tune. With the Moon in Cancer, he will be attracted to gentle, caring and intuitive women with a Cancer Sun or Moon, or who show strong Cancer traits. However, he may well be less consciously

aware of this side of his nature than a woman with the Moon here, as he 'finds' his Moon, his feminine and hidden side, in the Cancer women he is drawn to.
For both sexes, the Venus sign reveals the more passive, affectionate, romantic and feminine side of the way we love. It’s our style of relating to others and the way we attract them to us. In a woman’s chart, her Venus sign also describes her special brand of femininity, and how she puts herself across to people she is drawn to. In a man’s chart, his Venus sign also reveals the kind of women that he finds attractive and most often gets romantically and sexually involved with.
Venus in Scorpio
Water To those who do not know you well, you usually seem calm and in control of your emotions. But beneath the surface it is quite another story, as you are as intense and deeply passionate as it gets. You are not interested in casual liaisons, as your approach to love is all or nothing and you can form almost telepathic links with those you care for. Venus in Scorpio is famous for its magnetism and charisma - and its interest in sex. But what you are really after is a chance to reach the heights of love and powerful emotion. You will risk your all to get there and you are not afraid to plumb the depths, or to break taboos that more conventional signs abide by. You are also fiercely loyal and will fight to the death to help your loved ones. But woe betide someone who betrays your trust, for you can be vengeful and you do not easily forget. Life may be hard, at times, for those with Venus here, but you are more likely to experience true joy than those who are more superficial and light-hearted. And you have more than enough courage to cope with anything, or anyone, who comes along. Not to mention the seductive powers to win them. Men with Venus here choose deep, powerful, sultry women.

Your Moon in Trine with Your Venus
You have charm, grace and good looks, and you find it easy to fit in with others and to please them. Your natural gift for bringing light and warmth into the lives of others makes you popular wherever you may go. But you are most at ease in one to one relationships or in your family circle, as your home life and your long-established ties are what give meaning to your life. Whatever other aspects you may have in your natal chart, the Moon trine Venus will always save you from the worst vicissitudes of life.
Your Venus in Square with Your Mars
You are a sensuous, erotic person and you may well have a string of love affairs before you settle down, as romantic conquest plays a large part in your life and you can be impulsive. You can also be competitive about matters of the heart, but as you have more than your fair share of sexual magnetism and charisma, you are usually the winner. Above all, you want and need adventure to add spice to life, as without it you can easily grow bored and restless.
Your Venus in Sextile with Your Pluto
With Venus - warmth, relatedness and sensuality - and Pluto - depth, intensity and passion - linking across your chart, your love life is all-important to you. You have more than your fair share of sex appeal and once you have found the perfect partner, you give your passions a free reign. You are generous, with real insight into human nature, as well as faith that things will turn out well. This aspect can also bring good luck on a financial level. While your Venus Sign - and any links it makes with other planets in your birth chart - show how you love, the house it falls in shows the area of your life where it manifests most strongly.
Venus in the Fourth House
The fourth house represents the most private, hidden area of your psyche. It is also concerned with all the things that you bring with you from your past; your roots, your family history and your home. With Venus here, love is a very private affair and you long for the peace and tranquillity of family life. You also have strong territorial instincts, and will protect your home, and your relationships, against all comers, if needs be. You also tend to pick up easily on what remains unsaid and have an almost psychic link with those you care for.

Love and Relating
Remember that someone may show strong Gemini or Taurus traits, for instance, perhaps because they have the Moon or Venus in that sign, but have the Sun in quite another zodiac sign.
Venus in Scorpio with:
Fiery, pioneering Aries: This love can be a very liberating, passionate experience. You both want, and need, to break new emotional ground to really feel alive, but they could lack your staying power.
Down to earth and loyal Taurus: This is physical passion at its most fulfilling. They also know how to soothe your tempestuous emotions and can help you to enjoy the simple pleasures of this earth.
Quick-witted, restless Gemini: They are great fun and can bring out your playful, childlike side, but your intensity and depth can make them feel confused and threatened, so tread gently.
Sensitive, maternal Cancer: You can show the way you really feel inside to them, as they are not afraid of love or of emotion. You are both private people, and they bring out your softness and compassion.
Dramatic and romantic Leo: You both approach love and passion with a religious fervour, which makes this a highly charged romance, but make sure of their real feelings before you take the plunge.
Cool, realistic Virgo: The strength of your feelings can, at times, be hard to handle. They can help you find your way through the emotional maze and find a new balance and contentment.
Romantic and sophisticated Libra: Gentle and appealing they may be, but your idea of what love should be can be very different to theirs, and they can lack your need to share emotions on a deep, committed level.
Intense, passionate Scorpio: Perhaps they are the only ones who will understand the real depths of your emotions and your passionate ideals. But this love could be almost too intense, even for you.
Adventurous, idealistic Sagittarius: You both look for some kind of higher truth in love, but they are life's explorers, and could find it hard to give you the certainty and the assurance that you seek.
Reserved and loyal Capricorn: With you they are able to reveal their gentler, more emotional side, which they tend to keep hidden. They will take your feelings seriously and are loyal to the last.
Idealistic and free-thinking Aquarius: This can be a strong relationship, although they may find your possessiveness difficult to cope with. But they can give you a new lens to view life through.

Sensitive and dreamy Pisces: Rainbows, tears, an ocean of emotion. You find in them a sensitive and deeply caring lover who brings out your protectiveness and empowers your imagination.
Your Mars Sign
Mars is the planet that rules sexuality. For both sexes, the Mars sign describes the more active, masculine side of the love nature. However, for a man, the Mars sign also describes his type of masculinity and drive, as well as how he puts himself across in romantic situations. In a woman’s chart, her Mars sign also shows the kind of man that she feels drawn to and is sexually in tune with.
Mars in Aquarius
With Mars in intellectual, detached Aquarius, your personal freedom is essential to you. One to one relationships can make you feel penned in and claustrophobic, and, as you are also open-minded, you may well end up living in a way that more conventional people disapprove of, or at least find hard to understand. You believe in change and you have new, utopian theories on love, in which possessiveness and jealousy will have no place. Your ideal soul mate is a loyal and idealistic comrade, and 'always let the winds of heaven blow between you' is your motto. You want to stand side by side with someone, gazing outwards, and not face to face. As a result, friendship can mean a lot more to you than one to one relationships, which, in your eyes, can so easily be codependent. In fact friendship is a god to you and you can feel more at ease in an extended group than you do within the narrow confines of a marriage or a long-term partnership.
Men with Mars in Aquarius are often drawn to people with the Sun, or other planets, such as Venus, in Leo, Aquarius's opposing sign, or to Libra or Gemini types.
Women with Mars in Aquarius are sexually and emotionally drawn to people who have the Sun or Mars in Aquarius.
Mars in the Sixth House
With Mars in the sixth house, there is a certain coolness, mystery and allure about you. You do not show your feelings lightly and you dislike extravagant displays of emotion. Actions speak louder than words for you, and you are down to earth, disciplined and thorough. But seeing people as they really are, rather than through rose-tinted glasses, you are always ready to give real, practical support to those you care for and you have great compassion. With Mars here, you may well get romantically involved with someone who you work with, or who shares a common goal. In a woman's chart, this is also the kind of personality she usually finds most sexually attractive.

Fire, Earth, Air, Water
The four elements - fire, earth, air and water - also play a large part in determining our natural soul mates. Count how many planets you have in each element - the signs and their elements are listed below. If, for instance, the majority of the planets in your birth chart are in earth signs, you will feel naturally in tune with those who share your emphasis on earth. However, you may also be strongly attracted to people who have what you lack - if most of your planets are in earth signs, but you lack water, you may be drawn to someone who has a lot of planets in water signs. Also, if you do have the majority of your planets in earth signs, but you have Mars and Venus in water, your earth sign orientation may well override your Mars and Venus signs at times.
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Fire is the element of spirit, warmth and life and those with fire predominating in their charts are famous for their powerful imagination and their zest for living. When it comes to the emotional realm, they are adventurous, dramatic and flamboyant, and lavish gestures and grand passions are their stock in trade. But they can have problems concentrating on the here and now, as the future, not the present or the past, is what concerns them. And, because their imagination is so vivid, they can find it hard to tell the difference between dreams and fantasies and their real feelings - or to settle down to what they see as dull routine.
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
For those with earth predominating in their charts, the here and now and what is real are all-important. What is happening around them - and everything that they can see and touch - is what concerns them. They do not have much time for abstract thought or what they see as idle dreams and their idea of love is down to earth. They can lack imagination, but they more than compensate for that as they are stable, loyal, lovers who know how to nurture those they care for. The whole realm of the senses also falls in their domain.
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Air is the element of abstract thought and of communication. For those with air predominating in their charts, real intellectual rapport with those they are involved with is essential. Security and sensuality take second place to finding someone they can talk to - in fact, the whole realm of emotion can be threatening to them and they often give it a wide birth - which is even true of the romantic sign of Libra. As a result, they can seem fickle, as their natural curiosity and need for mental stimulation drives them on to look for new horizons.
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
As water is the element of feeling and emotion, those with many planets in the water signs are more at

home in the emotional realm than others. They are not phased by passionate displays of feeling - in fact, they can grow bored when life is too plain sailing. Intuitive to the point of being psychic, they are also prone to ever-changing moods. They have no time for casual relationships, as they are great romantics and love, for them, is all or nothing.
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